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MEDITECH MV Array - Repeat Printing


MV arrays, can you print the same information, using the same MV array, more than once? ANSWER: Yes.

Why would you want to? ANSWER: you might want to print a row of labels 10 times for the Pharmacy or Admitting.

So - how is it done?



After compiling the MV array in an AL D detail macro; I used the MEDITECH move command to copy the array: M(/R.MV["L1"],/MV["L1"]).

When the report reaches the detail section, the ECB attribute LOOPS around the detail section 10 times. The ECE attribute ends the loop, while moving /MV into /R.MV. This repopulation of the MV array is necessary because the MEDITECH report writer automatically includes code to clear the MV array after it is printed.



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